Sangwari, literally a ‘partner’, is a group of health professionals bringing in equity and better health for people in Surguja in Chhattisgarh in central India. We are a not for profit organization registered under section 8 of the Companies act 2013 in 2020. We visualize a world where every living being, including the poorest and belonging to the most marginalized communities, has an equal opportunity to live in good health as per their values and in harmony with the environment. Everyone has a nurturing space around them to reach a higher level of consciousness. Read more about Sangwari here.

Recent Blogs:

May 10, 2023,

It takes a village to cure a patient with TB,

-Dr. Neha Kale,

Family Physician, Sangwari

April 5, 2023,

Choosing Allyship over Saviourship,

– Dr. Priyansh Nathani,

MBBS, WHO-CC Global Surgery Fellow.

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Other updates:

March 25, 2023, Social Media: “We celebrate World TB day 2023 with our stakeholders in TB program- the care receivers, relatives, and care providers.”

March 05, 2023, Publication: “Why are so many indigenous Pando people dying? Using observations from Chhattisgarh, India, to conduct structural assessment and identify solutions.”

February 13 2023, Health awareness on radio: About Scruph Typhus- Sings, symptoms, treatment and prevention by Dr Yogesh Jain

Media updates: