Pain relief and Palliative care

Pain relief and Palliative care

Sangwari offers specialist care for pain and palliative care in collaboration with the public health system at the Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) and the District Hospital at Ambikapur. The effort is supported by the Red Cross Society, Ambikapur.

Outpatient pain relief and palliative care services provided by Sangwari include-

  1. Effective pain management
  2. Teaching family home-based care
  3. Advanced care planning
  4. Psychological support
  5. Telephonic follow-ups/tele-consultation
  6. End of life care
  7. Grief and bereavement support
  8. Provision of aids such as wheelchair, air mattress etc.
  9. Linking such families to various social schemes
  10. Home-based palliative care by a team of doctors and a social worker

With efforts from Sangwari, morphine is now made available for pain management at the Urban Primary Health Centre and the District Hospital, Ambikapur and these have become one of the few health facilities in the public health system in the entire state to dispense morphine.

Besides provision of care, we are working to improve awareness about such services, generating public need and training healthcare professionals in these essential skills of pain management and palliative care by holding public awareness programmes, using community radio and conducting continuing medical education programmes