Who we are

Who we are

We are a not for profit organization registered under section 8 of the Companies act 2013 in 2020 with a desire to work in rural and underserved parts of the country. Surguja division which occupies the northern part of Chattisgarh is the region where we start our work.

We call ourselves – ‘Sangwari’- People’s association for equity and Health. Sangwari literally means a friend. And we hope to be friends with the marginalized communities in Surguja by staying with them, by learning from them, understanding their problems and serving them and building on what they have. All with the hope that over a few years, learning from this friendship, we would be able to help in the equity and health concerns of similarly marginalized communities elsewhere.

The space we like to look for is as a supplement to the public health system, which we will also support with camaraderie, training inputs where sought and as a watchdog and bringing to its notice the unmet aspirations of the people as far as health care needs are concerned. We would like to preferentially focus our attention on the more marginalized tribal groups such as the Pahadi Korwas, Majhi, Majhwaars, Pandos without losing focus on Universal health care.

We see this collective journey of not just numbers, indicators, outcomes and outputs of a program or an organization but also of emotions we experience and relationships we build in the process. Both of them would go hand in hand.