Community Health Services

Community Health Services

Community Health Services..!

Sangwari community health programme aims to improve community’s health through awareness generation, prevention, early detection of diseases, referral and access to quality healthcare. All these efforts are aimed at reducing out of pocket expenditure in short term and morbidity and mortality in the longer term.

The programme runs in 33 villages in the Lakhanpur and Udaipur blocks of the district with a collective population of about 40000. Seventy percent of population of these villages is tribal.

Community Health workers- “Swasthya Sangi” Training

In these villages we have recruited Swasthya Sangis (which translates to Friends for Health), whose primary responsibility is to provide treatments for minor ailments at village level, refer patients to clinics of Sangwari where needed, follow up selected patients, engage with community, collect information on vital events such as births and deaths and generate health awareness.

Participating in the community meetings to inform about Sangwari’s health services

Among tribal communities, some tribal groups are more deprived and marginalised than other groups. Majhi, Majhvaar, Sawta, Pando, and Pahadi Korwa often live in in difficult- to-reach hamlets. We have mapped such hamlets and have started regular visits by Swasthya Sangis and doctors to these hamlets. A separate TB initiative is being developed under the community health programme to facilitate early diagnosis and complete treatment of TB patients in this community.