Our Vision

Our Vision


We, at Sangwari, visualise a world where every living being, including the most poor and belonging to the most marginalized communities, have an equal opportunity to live as per their values in harmony with environment. Everyone has a nurturing space around them to reach a higher level of consciousness.

In this journey, we build sangwari as an organization with a culture of friendship, a kind of living university where there’s active to and fro learning between the so-called the ‘serving’ and the ‘served’. It, thus, becomes a dream place to work, to live, to love.


Sangwari will work in rural, tribal and underserved areas of the country to understand and address determinants of health and inequity.

This will be achieved through community engagement and community based interventions; quality compassionate service delivery; training & mentoring for system strengthening, with research and advocacy for all of the above.

Our core values

1. Equity – To address equity in health and access to health; and an ability to live and thrive for every living being to its full potential

2. Compassion and empathy – Compassion and empathy towards the vulnerable, marginalized communities; towards each other and  ourselves, with a desire to work together in solidarity.

3. Humility – Humility to learn and understand from people, acknowledging our limitations and being self-reflective in our work.

4. Accountability – Accountability towards systems, processes, and values.

5. Team work – Collaborative in our approaches towards our goal, as we engage with our community; with a purpose of shared responsibility and respecting diversity of people.