Community Clinics

Community Clinics

Community Clinics …!

Sangwari strongly believes in reaching the unreached, aligned with the value of equity. People in the remotely located areas have several challenges to seeking healthcare. These include lack of availability of healthcare services in the vicinity of their residence, high cost of healthcare, transportation challenges and so forth. In order to address these challenges, we have set up outpatient clinics closer to the community.

A team of seven doctors provide care in these clinics. The team includes one senior paediatrician, one neurologist, one internal medicine physician, one anaesthetist as well as pain and palliative care specialist, and three family medicine specialists.

A clinical laboratory is an absolutely essential component of providing clinical care in difficult-to-reach areas. Close to 35 laboratory investigations are provided in the lab in these clinics and for laboratory tests not available in the clinic, samples are transported by the clinic team to the labs where these services are available.

We also provide generic medicines at a highly discounted rate. The clinic pharmacy has more than 250 medicines available. While it is often believed that primary healthcare services are needed in rural and Adivasi areas, we found a large burden of complex health problems including chronic non-communicable diseases like stroke, renal failures, untreated epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health disorders, thyroid diseases and so forth. The range of illnesses could be challenging to any physician practicing in metro cities and with limited resources at hand in rural Surguja, the challenge becomes even steeper.